The health of your network depends on the quality of your network infrastructure — this quality begins with complete certification by contractors or systems integrators that the cabling infrastructure was properly installed. 
Maintaining a reliable fiber plant is also essential in protecting your business-critical applications. As a network administrator, it is important to understand how to get ...the best performance from your cabling investment and how to solve problems quickly when they occur.
Fiber optic cable is the media of choice for demanding high data rate applications like Gigabit to the desk and 10 Gigabit Ethernet within the Data Center. 
Continual improvements in optical fiber performance, fiber cable designs, opto-electronics, connectivity technology, and test equipment have made fiber LANs less expensive, easier to install, and capable of meeting increasing bandwidth demands.
When working with fiber, it is important to understand industry best practices, standards requirements and what are the right test tools to help maintain and troubleshoot fiber optic networks.
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